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Water Safety Urged after Recent Phoenix Swimming Pool Accidents

More and more children are back in the classrooms these days as many schools are now in session. However, there are still plenty of opportunities for kids and parents alike to take a swim or cool off in a backyard pool, especially when the temperatures are a little cooler like the early morning hours of the day.

But several recent incidents in Phoenix and across Maricopa County are causing officials to remind parents to exercise constant vigilance when it comes to activities in and around water as tragedy can strike in only a moment.

Parents must remember that swimming is not the only activity that can threaten their child’s safety with water involved. Rather, any time your child can access water, a swimming pool accident is possible and may happen long before you realize what is going on, leaving your child vulnerable to serious and even permanent harm.

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The Role of a Lifeguard in Ensuring Water Safety

Arizona has more private and public swimming pools that can be counted, and with good reason: with the incredibly hot summer temperatures here, the number of sunny days, and the need to keep cool during these trying times, the prevalence of swimming pools can make a world of difference. Whether you are old, young, or somewhere in between, there are few better ways to really cool off than by taking a quick dip in a pool.

The majority of private pools in the area do not have a lifeguard on duty. Most people opt to act as their own family’s lifeguard when a pool is in their backyard as opposed to hiring a professional. However, a number of public pools in Phoenix and the rest of Maricopa County do have lifeguards on duty at all times, leading patrons to wonder what role these lifeguards serve when it comes to safety.

Lifeguards are trained professionals who are intended to prevent swimming pool drownings and accidents by responding to threatening conditions. A typical lifeguard is certified in water rescue, is a strong swimmer, and is trained in CPR/AED first aid. A lifeguard must stay alert to conditions involving all swimmers and all individuals near a pool when that lifeguard is working, enabling the lifeguard to pass on safety information and warnings at the first sign of potential problems.

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Excessive Heat Warning for Phoenix; Accidents Expected

All this week, a large portion of Arizona is under an excessive heat warning as issued by the National Weather Service. The entire Phoenix area is covered by this heat warning and temperatures are expected to remain above 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the majority of the week. Saturday could see a high of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

These temperatures are nothing new if you have lived in Maricopa County for a while though it may seem like they are starting a little early in the year. However, it is unwise to be lulled into a sense of familiarity simply because Arizona has high temperatures every year. Rather, it is a good idea to review some of the safety issues that accompany these extreme temperatures so that you can take any steps necessary to keep your family safe.

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May is National Water Safety Month

If you blinked, odds are that you missed it: May arrived in the Phoenix area without a lot of fanfare of attention. But if you are one of the tens of thousands of homeowners here who have a backyard pool, if your children will spend time at a daycare, summer camp, or youth activity with water, or if you take advantage of the many public water resources that Maricopa County has to offer, know that May is more than just a new month. Rather, May marks National Water Safety Month, a time to refresh your own knowledge about water-related issues and to teach your children about safety in and near the water.

A swimming pool or other body of water can be a great way to burn off some energy or to relax after a long day. In Arizona, it can also be a lifeline as the brutal summer heat can make anything other than swimming unbearable. If done properly, people of all ages can have fun in the water without having to worry about the potential for a swimming pool accident or drowning, but unfortunately, dozens of such incidents happen in our community every year.

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Having a Pool Party in Phoenix? Think Safety First

Warm weather has finally descended in Maricopa County and the sunshine is once again strong in the area. With temperatures in the 90s making their appearance, many in the Phoenix area have already taken to swimming pools to relax and cool down for an hour or two.

It is also the time of year when children start having birthday parties that involve a pool or when adults relax in the water at a neighborhood event. If you plan to swim soon or if your children may be in the water, make sure you put safety first and address any water-related concerns before they arise so that everyone can enjoy themselves without a swimming pool accident taking place.

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Swimming Pool Safety Tips in Phoenix

By now, temperatures are regularly in the upper 80s in Phoenix, and on Friday, the weather forecast calls for 90 degrees. The reality is that warm weather is already present in the Valley by March of most years, leading thousands to start thinking about ways to cool off before things get too hot. Taking a dip in a swimming pool is one way that always promises relief but, unfortunately, does not always promise safety as dozens are injured and several are killed in swimming pool accidents and drownings in Arizona annually.

Swimming is a year-round activity in many parts of Maricopa County but the prevalence of swimming spikes dramatically as the summer months descend. With a very high ratio of private pools to the general population, as well as countless public pools dotting the area, almost anyone can access the water if they desire to do so. If you plan to swim at some point this summer or if your children will be around water, the legal team at Abels & Annes, P.C. encourages you to put safety first by considering these following tips:

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Safety Group Advocates for Better Pool Safety

The safety of children who live in the Phoenix area is of utmost concern to the city as a whole, and it should be: after all, children are the next generation who will grow up to run businesses, teach in schools, and make Arizona an even better place to live. But despite all the efforts to keep our kids safe, accidents continue to happen every year and some of them tragically claim the lives of our most vulnerable members.

Among the threats faced by our kids are swimming pool accidents and drownings, an issue that reemerges every few months and with regularity during the hot summer days. Accidents like those involving a pool are frightening to parents because they take only a moment to occur and yet can alter a family’s course forever.  To prevent as many of these incidents as possible, each city in the Valley has established rules and regulations that apply to public and private pools with safety in mind, forcing owners to take action to limit unintended exposure of the pool to a child and to make it as hard as possible for young children to access the water without a parent’s knowledge.

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Child Nearly Drowns in Gilbert Pool

Summer is slowing down in the Valley. Most kids are back in school, rain has been falling this week, and cooler temperatures will be on their way before long. With the annual summer wind down in full swing, many parents are turning their attention to what comes next: fall.

But summer is not over yet and the warm weather continues in much of the greater Phoenix area. As long as it is hot outside, swimming pools in Arizona get plenty of use by adults and children alike who are looking for a break from the heat. And with so many private, semi-private, and public pools in the Valley, those who want to swim do not need to look hard for relief.
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2-Year-Old Nearly Drowns in Backyard Pool

A quick look at the weather forecast shows that Phoenix is looking at triple-digit temperatures for as far as can be predicted. At this time of the year, the heat is something to be expected, though often lamented, by those who call the Valley of the Sun home and those who spend time working in or visiting the Phoenix area. With temperatures this hot, almost everyone is looking for a way to cool down.

For many, a swimming pool provides the ideal escape. A quick dip can help a person of any age cool down and survive the desert summer like little else can. And with the prevalence of backyard swimming pools in Phoenix, it is usually not hard to find such an escape.
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Safety Tips for Summer Swimming

Water safety is critically important year-round in the Phoenix area because bodies of water – primarily swimming pools – are so prevalent. With a large number of homes boasting private pools, cities and townships with their own public pools, and swimming and aquatic centers dotting the Valley, adults and children alike have access to water at any time during the year.

Swimming can be an excellent way to combat the sweltering heat of the desert in the summertime and can provide endless entertainment for children while they are out of school. Yet every year, tragedy occurs when a child is critically injured or when a child drowns while swimming. In many cases, the child involved should never have been in the water in the first place.
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