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Swimming Pool Safety Tips in Phoenix

By now, temperatures are regularly in the upper 80s in Phoenix, and on Friday, the weather forecast calls for 90 degrees. The reality is that warm weather is already present in the Valley by March of most years, leading thousands to start thinking about ways to cool off before things get too hot. Taking a dip in a swimming pool is one way that always promises relief but, unfortunately, does not always promise safety as dozens are injured and several are killed in swimming pool accidents and drownings in Arizona annually.

Swimming is a year-round activity in many parts of Maricopa County but the prevalence of swimming spikes dramatically as the summer months descend. With a very high ratio of private pools to the general population, as well as countless public pools dotting the area, almost anyone can access the water if they desire to do so. If you plan to swim at some point this summer or if your children will be around water, the legal team at Abels & Annes, P.C. encourages you to put safety first by considering these following tips:

  • Never Leave Children Unattended: It is not enough to watch your children when they are in the water if you want to keep them safe. Rather, if they are anywhere near water, you must supervise them at all times, preventing them from unintentionally accessing the water and potentially submerging in it. If you have a pool at your home or if you are somewhere near a pool, keep your eyes on your kids at all times and make sure you know what they are doing.
  • Teach Kids to Swim: Experts agree that it is important for all children to learn to swim. That way, if they ever end up in water unexpectedly, they will be able to make it to the edge of a pool and exit safely. There are many swimming classes and instructional opportunities for kids of all ages around the Valley, so if your child does not know how to swim, consider taking advantage of one of these many program.
  • Discuss Pool Safety: There is more to a pool than just the water that fills it. Make sure friends, family members, and children have an understanding of pool issues, including filters and drains, which can trap a child or an adult underwater if they become ensnared. Help others realize the potential dangers beyond the water of a pool so that everyone can stay safe from harm.
  • Train in CPR: In the event that a pool accident happens, knowing CPR can be the difference between life and death. If you have never learned how to do CPR, consider becoming certified by taking a class at one of the local hospitals or through another safety-related group. If you learned CPR many years ago, you may benefit from a refresher course as the proper protocol changed a few years ago.
  • Abide by Municipal Safety Guidelines: Each of the different cities of the Valley have their own rules and regulations regarding swimming pools, and those rules should be followed by anyone who owns a pool. They are designed to keep people safe and should not be deviated from if you want to protect those you love. Always have a swimming pool enclosed by a fence and use self-latching and self-closing gates as required. Also, if you have small children in your home or nearby, consider other safety devices like a pool cover, a motion alarm, or other device to prevent unintentional access to the water.

Unfortunately, no steps are perfect and accidents can still happen, no matter how careful you may be. If your child or someone you love was injured or killed in a swimming pool accident, know that you may be entitled to financial compensation for your damages and for the pain and suffering you endure, though no amount of money can ever be considered adequate when someone loses her life.

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