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Pedestrian Safety Remains Problematic in Phoenix

By the end of 2016, the analysis of accident data from 2015 revealed a scary statistic. Pedestrian deaths had increased by almost ten percent from 2014 to 2015 across the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 2015 saw the greatest number of pedestrians killed since 1996, with 5,376 deaths nationwide. So, while travel appears to be getting safer for most road users, pedestrians were one of the few categories to see an increase in fatalities.

In 2015, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were 1,399 pedestrian crashes in the state, resulting in 161 pedestrian deaths and 1,169 injuries.

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Spring Break Can Mean Dangerous Roadways in Phoenix

Spring break is a wonderful time for students – a week long reprieve from classes to rest up or have some fun.

While spring break should be a joyful time, the months of March and April see an uptick in accident rates. In 2015, the Arizona Department of Transportation reported 10,521 accidents occurred in March putting the month fourth highest for crashes.

While many students may leave town for break, just as many stick around to soak in the Arizona sunshine. As students are not in class it is likely campuses will be filled with more pedestrians. Drivers should use extra caution around campus and be alert for students during times when the area is not typically busy.

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Spring Training Brings Baseball, Traffic Accidents to Arizona

Every February the state of Arizona receives an influx of athletic talent. Fifteen major league baseball teams, which form the Cactus League, call Arizona home during the late winter months for spring training. The teams are based all around the state including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Surprise, and Glendale. While spring training may appear to most to be a simple practice exercise, it is very big deal for baseball fans.

Throughout February and March fans can attend spring training games and observe practices. This gives fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorite players, sneak a peek at what the new season holds, and escape the winter weather that plagues most of the country.

In 2016, the Cactus League teams sold 1.8 million tickets. The fact that the 2016 World Series Champions, the Chicago Cubs, hold their spring training in Arizona will likely increase these numbers for 2017. While this flood of tourism is very exciting for the state, increasing revenue and helping the economy, it can also contribute to an higher rate of motor vehicle accidents.

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Back to School Safety Tips for Kids who Walk or Ride a Bus

Many of the schools across Maricopa County, including those in the Phoenix area, are back in session today. Tens of thousands of children have packed their backpacks, grabbed their lunches, and are heading to classes at the moment, excited for a new year to begin and, likely, dreading going back to school at the same time.

If you have children in your house, they may be back in classes as well. If they have not yet started the year, they will be doing so soon and it is important for you to discuss safety with them as they head to school in the morning and leave school in the afternoon.

Older children likely will remember the safety lessons you have taught to them over the years but younger kids, especially those in elementary school, need constant reminders. They may forget that cars driving near them may have a hard time seeing the kids or that running across a roadway is not a great idea.

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Be Wary of Pedestrian Safety during Arizona Baseball Season

Baseball season is well underway in Arizona and across the rest of the country and it brings with it the fun and excitement that only America’s pastime can conjure. Whether you are an avid baseball fan, a casual fan who may catch a statistics or two from time to time, or just someone who loves the hubbub surrounding the games, odds are that you are happy when the Arizona Diamondbacks are playing in the spring, summer, and fall.

The Diamondbacks are Arizona’s professional baseball team in the National League West division. They call downtown Phoenix home and play their home games at Chase Field. Though the Diamondbacks are less than 20 years old, they have had significant success and brought one World Series title to Phoenix during that time, letting the entire city celebrate the successes of this hard-working MLB franchise.

With so many positives surrounding the D-backs, it may be hard to step back and realize that the presence of baseball also has some safety concerns for those who are near Chase Field on game days. Specifically, the risk of pedestrian accidents in the area remains high when the D-backs are in town as unfamiliar drivers and confused motorists are present on our roadways.

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Accidents Likely as the School Year Ends

Right now, many school districts across Maricopa County are winding down for the year. Some are celebrating their final day of classes today while others are wrapping up in the days and weeks to come.

For countless children around the Valley, this is one of the most exciting times of the year. They are looking forward to time off from school to go to camps, play with friends, swim all day, or run at the park. They cannot wait to be done with homework and the strict rules that often come with a full day at school and instead are anticipating a summer of fun and play.

While there are many positives about the end of a school year, unfortunately there are some risks as well, including an increased risk for a pedestrian accident taking place.

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A Pedestrian is Killed Every Two Hours in Traffic Accidents

Odds are you that you do it every day but that you are unaware of how dangerous it is: walking on, near, or by a street in the greater Phoenix area. The truth is that everyone is a pedestrian at some point in time where being a pedestrian means moving without a motorized device or bicycle, typically by walking, using a wheelchair, or even by being pushed in a stroller. Often, those who are walking see themselves as separate from other forms of traffic and therefore not at risk for issues like car accidents or truck collisions. However, across the nation, approximately 430 people are treated in hospitals every day for injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents and someone is killed in a pedestrian crash every two hours, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This means that pedestrian accidents happen every hour of every day, placing the safety of those involved at risk and potentially altering their lives and the lives of those who love them forever. But if everyone walks at some point, what can be done to improve safety and limit these incidents from occurring?

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Light Rail along 19th Avenue Now Open, Ridership Increase Expected

If you do not like to drive your own car or do not own a vehicle yourself, you are fortunate enough to have options around you for public transit. City buses run many of the streets in Maricopa County and the light rail provides convenient rides in and around Phoenix. Now, those who rely upon public transit and those who use it on an occasional basis may find things a little more convenient as the newest stretch of the light rail opened on Saturday, lengthening the service area and providing greater access to many.

After more than three years of construction, the light rail line along 19th Avenue opened Saturday and will provide service to a 3.2 mile area between Montebello Avenue and Dunlap Avenue. Officials believe that approximately 5,000 additional rides will be taken every day on the light rail due to the expansion and that many businesses, schools, and community centers will be accessible because of the line.

Saturday’s activities included a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:00 a.m. before rides began officially at 10:00 a.m. Many who live in the area are happy that they not only have the ability to use the light rail but that the addition of three new stations would bring in others to their communities, supporting their businesses and helping the area thrive.

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Physically Disabled Adults Face Serious Traffic Risks in Phoenix

In recent years, many reports have been made in an around Maricopa County about physically disabled individuals who have been hurt, or even killed, in traffic accidents. Often, these victims are traveling on sidewalks, crossing in crosswalks, or moving through a parking lot as they attempt to move about their days, operating in a manner which should leave them safe. Some instances have involved drivers who were distracted or who failed to notice victims before a crash took place; others involved victims who crossed against traffic or who made a mistake in judgment.

This week, another tragic incident came to light involving a woman in a wheelchair who was hit and killed by driver in Glendale. This most recent incident has brought the safety of disabled adults to the forefront of public discussions and has led some to wonder whether more can be done to ensure our roads remain accessible to all.

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Pedestrian Traffic Heavy due to Viva PHX

There are countless good things about living in the Phoenix area. There is always something going on and no matter what your interests, you can find something to enjoy year-round here in Maricopa County. This weekend was a good example of that as the third annual Viva PHX festival brought approximately 10,000 people to downtown Phoenix to enjoy a series of concerts.

This year, 70 artists took to 17 different stages to perform, giving the festivalgoers a wide range of musical styles and genres to pick from as they walked about Viva PHX. Several streets in the area were closed so that people could walk the streets to get from one portion of the fest to others. Stages themselves were erected in the streets and the crowds were able to stand close, getting a good feel for the bands, the music, and the overall experience.

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