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Pedestrian Traffic Heavy due to Viva PHX

There are countless good things about living in the Phoenix area. There is always something going on and no matter what your interests, you can find something to enjoy year-round here in Maricopa County. This weekend was a good example of that as the third annual Viva PHX festival brought approximately 10,000 people to downtown Phoenix to enjoy a series of concerts.

This year, 70 artists took to 17 different stages to perform, giving the festivalgoers a wide range of musical styles and genres to pick from as they walked about Viva PHX. Several streets in the area were closed so that people could walk the streets to get from one portion of the fest to others. Stages themselves were erected in the streets and the crowds were able to stand close, getting a good feel for the bands, the music, and the overall experience.

Fortunately, Viva PHX was a relatively safe event. At this time, there are no reports of serious accident or injuries stemming from the festival but the increased pedestrian traffic and the location of the festival downtown has brought safety issues to light once again, reminding us all how important it is to act in a manner that protects the rights of others while keeping our community intact.

Not everyone drives a car. Not everyone rides a bicycle. But at some point, everyone is a pedestrian – whether it is walking from one place to another or simply walking from where you park to a store. As a result, everyone should be able to relate to pedestrian safety concerns and should be focused on making our city as safe as possible for walkers, but the unfortunate reality is that not a lot of thought is given to these issues.

Experts agree that every driver should think about how her actions affect traffic at large, including pedestrians, so that the streets can be as safe as possible. This means drivers should yield to pedestrians when those pedestrians have the right-of-way, are crossing in a marked pedestrian crosswalk, or in other times when yielding is appropriate or would avoid a pedestrian accident. For their part, pedestrians should follow the applicable rules of the road so that they do not act in a threatening manner themselves. Walkers should not cross a street mid-block but instead should always walk to a marked crosswalk if they want to move to the other side of the road or travel in an opposing direction.

Any time an unusually large gathering is predicted, be aware that pedestrian traffic may be heavier than normal. This can mean that the areas near parking lots or on street corners may be packed with walkers and that some might not have a clear idea of where they are going. Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, know that events like Viva PHX can increase the odds for a pedestrian crash so stay alert and take evasive action if it becomes necessary.

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