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Vehicle Strikes, Kills Pedestrian in Phoenix

Pedestrians face a serious threat every time they walk on, near, or across a street in the Phoenix area. Logic dictates that pedestrians and vehicles are separate and therefore should not coexist in the same areas at the same times. The laws recognize this and require pedestrians and drivers to yield the right-of-way to one another, preventing the two groups from colliding. Yet despite all of this, pedestrian accidents happen regularly and most result in injuries to the walkers involved in those crashes. Tragically, 154 pedestrians involved in such crashes in 2011 in Arizona lost their lives due to their injuries.

When a pedestrian accident happens and it is due to the actions of a driver, owner of a car, or a city or municipality, the victim may be able to obtain compensation for any injuries, damages, or suffering that may happen. From medical bills to lost wages, all damages may be recovered if a victim chooses to seek relief in a court of law. Speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you realize your rights if an accident has affected your life.
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Car Accident Kills Pedestrian in Phoenix

Walking should be the safest activity and the safest means of transit that anyone can utilize in the Phoenix area but instead, those who walk face a constant threat of becoming the victim of a pedestrian accident involving a car or another motorized vehicle. Though it is an inherent right of all citizens to walk as they please and though this right is protected by numerous laws enacted by the State of Arizona, these rights and protections are too often ignored by drivers who are in a rush, distracted behind the wheel, or who otherwise ignore the rights of pedestrians in an area.

A collision between a walker and a vehicle almost always injures the pedestrian and requires that victim to seek medical help. If you have been to a doctor or needed treatment at a hospital recently, you may realize that the current cost of modern medical help can be astronomical and can heavily burden an injury victim who did nothing wrong. Acknowledging this, lawmakers in the Phoenix area have guaranteed rights for victims through legislation that allows those who have been hurt to seek financial compensation for their sufferings. In addition to medical expenses, these victims can receive payment for pain and suffering, lost wages, and inconvenience as well as any other damages that occurred due to a crash. Speaking with a lawyer who represents personal injury victims may help you understand your rights if you have been hurt or if your loved one has been the victim of vehicular negligence.

Tragedy struck the Phoenix area last night when a pedestrian lost his life in a collision with an SUV. Police that responded to the scene confirmed that the incident occurred near the area of 27th Avenue and Glenrosa Avenue and involved an adult male pedestrian and an SUV. For reasons that are not yet clear, the SUV struck the man and caused him significant injuries. Though he was tended to by medical professionals, the man did not survive.

It is unknown whether anyone inside the SUV, including the driver, was injured in the accident. Police are still reviewing all relevant facts and attempting to determine what factors led to the impact and whether anyone involved acted in a negligent or reckless manner prior to the impact. The results of the investigation may determine whether citations will be issued in this incident.
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Pedestrian Killed in Phoenix Car Accident

When collisions are analyzed with statistics, it turns out that a driver of a vehicle is usually to blame when a pedestrian crash happens in the Phoenix area. Even where both the pedestrian and the driver may share some of the blame, the laws in Arizona may enable the pedestrian to obtain financial compensation for his or her damages. The walker must seek this relief after a crash and often can recover for things like medical and surgical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Victims may seek the help of a personal injury attorney to bring this claim or merely to learn about the relief that may be possible for them, including whether payment may be possible. In some cases, multiple claims can exist and compensation may be possible against an at-fault driver, the owner of a vehicle, a city or municipality, a corporation, or even the pedestrian’s own insurance company. As the facts surrounding a crash determine much of the legal fallout, it is a good idea to learn about your specific options if you have been injured.

Unfortunately, a pedestrian is at a marked disadvantage when an accident with a vehicle occurs because there is nothing surrounding that walker to protect him or her from the direct impact when it happens. Pedestrians are almost always injured in these accidents and in the worst cases, these victims may lose their lives. Police in Phoenix confirmed one such tragic crash on Saturday evening and have also confirmed that the pedestrian victim involved was killed due to an accident, a fact that is leaving the community of Phoenix in mourning.

Officials have stated that a pedestrian was crossing the road near the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Pima Street in a marked crosswalk when a pickup truck approached and collided with the walker. The victim, a 28-year-old man, initially survived the impact and was taken to an area hospital but his injuries were too extreme and he died shortly thereafter. Officials were able to speak with the driver of the pickup truck and they have reported that they do not suspect intoxication at this time; however, no explanation as to why the crash happened has been released and it is also not clear whether the driver will face any charges related to this incident.
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Pedestrian Killed in San Tan Valley Crash

Many school districts across the Phoenix area are on spring break right now, meaning thousands of children are at home or spending time with friends instead of attending school. Many parents choose to take this time of year off from work as vacation so they can care for their children or so they can take a vacation with their families without their kids missing class and this in turn leads to a large number of adults and children around the Valley of the Sun during daytime hours. Stores may be busier than normal, parks may be overflowing with children, and restaurants are sure to be hopping across Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Chandler.

If you are like the hundreds of thousands of families experiencing spring break right now, you may not realize it but chances are that you will be walking more than average over this coming week. Whether you are in a parking lot, walking to catch a bus, or playing at a playground, you may cover a greater distance on foot than you do in a typical workday. With this increased foot traffic unfortunately comes and increased risk of a pedestrian accident occurring and many of these will result in injuries or even death to the victims involved. The legal fallout stemming from a pedestrian crash can be confusing and should not be the primary concern of a victim who should only have to worry about recovering physically; yet too often, the victim is forced to make decisions quickly after a crash that will affect her rights for years to come. If a collision has left you injured or has harmed one of your family members, speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix may help you understand your options and may enable you to get the relief you need and deserve.

On Thursday morning, police in the San Tan Valley were informed of a collision between a pedestrian and a car on Hunt Highway near a Walmart in the area, a location that has seen collisions in the past between vehicles and walkers and that is known for having a large pedestrian presence. The incident happened just prior to 6:00 a.m. and triggered an emergency response that included medical personnel who evaluated the victim, identified only as a male, and transported him to an area hospital. Though efforts were made to save the man, the extent of his injuries was too severe and he died as a result of the crash.

Police closed the road for a period of time following the crash as they began their investigation into the incident which is ongoing at this time.
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Rollover Crash in Phoenix Leads to Pedestrian’s Death

Do you understand the risks associated with driving a vehicle or riding in a car as a passenger? Odds are that while you are aware of the potential for a car accident occurring, you may not realize how likely you are to be involved in a crash, believing instead that it will never happen to you. Annually, millions of Americans have that same belief but their thoughts are dashed when they become victims of a collision or when their loved ones are injured or hurt in a crash. Arizona alone sees more than 100,000 car accidents in a typical year and a large number of those incidents are concentrated in Maricopa County, home to Phoenix and its surrounding cities including Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, and Chandler.

Even less appreciated than the risk of becoming injured in a car accident is the risk faced daily by pedestrians who choose to walk along or near a road, street, or intersection in the Phoenix area. Though the laws of the state may require motorists to yield the right-of-way to these walkers, many do not obey these laws and instead place themselves and pedestrians at risk for a collision. When an impact happens between a car and a person, the pedestrian is almost always injured because of the sheer dynamics that play a role in the impact: the large, heavy size of a car, the small, unprotected nature of a pedestrian, and the speed involved being just a sample of these factors.

A collision that leaves a victim injured will always be devastating and often will create confusion over what legal rights may exist and whether the victim may be able to obtain a financial settlement to compensate her for her losses. If you have questions following a crash, speaking with a personal injury attorney in the Phoenix area may help you understand whether your accident is compensable, and if so, who may be liable for your financial suffering.

A crash in Phoenix on Monday started with a single vehicle but ended with a nearby pedestrian losing his life, according to local police. The incident occurred near Thomas Road and 47th Avenue and began when a driver of a vehicle reportedly lost control of the car which rolled over before striking a pedestrian nearby. The vehicle then continued until it collided with a utility pole carrying power to area residents before coming to a rest.

Witnesses reported that the driver of the vehicle and a passenger in the car both fled on foot from the scene but that both individuals were apprehended after a short time. It is not clear yet what led to the rollover but officials have confirmed that their investigation is ongoing and that they are looking into all possibilities, including whether the driver may have been impaired.
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2 Pedestrians Hit, 1 Killed in Scottsdale Car Accident

How do you move about the Valley during a typical day? Do you drive your own car or take public transit? Do you carpool with friends or neighbors? If any of these modes of transit describe you, chances are that you must also walk at some point during your journeys, whether you are walking in a parking lot, along a sidewalk, or crossing a street.

For this reason, pedestrian safety should be a primary concern of all who call the Phoenix area home because almost everyone is a pedestrian at some point or another. Yet too often, the rights of pedestrians are ignored or poorly understood and a collision between a car and a walker happens. Following a pedestrian crash, the laws in Arizona are on the side of the victim of the incident and may entitle anyone injured to seek financial compensation for his or her losses. In the tragic event that a pedestrian is killed, the right to seek relief may belong to that victim’s surviving family members even though no amount of money can ever be considered adequate in these cases. If you have questions about how a pedestrian collision may affect you, consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix to learn about your options and your rights and whether you may be entitled to relief.

Police in Scottsdale have confirmed a devastating pedestrian accident that happened on Wednesday morning and that claimed the life of one walker and left a second injured. The incident happened near the Loop 101 and Shea Road intersection and involved one vehicle and the two pedestrian victims. At this time and based on witness accounts, police believe that both pedestrians were crossing the road in a marked pedestrian crosswalk when an oncoming vehicle attempted to turn left, failed to yield to the pedestrians, and struck them both with the car.

Emergency crews responded and evaluated both pedestrians for their injuries. Unfortunately, one pedestrian did not survive and died as a result of the collision; the second was hurt but did survive and received treatment at an area hospital with injuries that have not been disclosed. The names, genders, and ages of the victims also remain unknown at this time.

The driver involved remained at the scene and spoke with police but police have not stated whether that driver faces any charges for his or her actions in this collision or whether any other factors are believed to have contributed to the crash at this time.
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Pedestrian Safety Tips for Super Bowl XLIX

Sunday will mark the third time that the State of Arizona has hosted the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the country each year and a spectacle that is believed to draw thousands of tourists to the state. This year’s contest will take place at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, the same location as 2008’s Super Bowl XLII and not too far from Sun Devil Stadium, home of 1996’s Super Bowl XXX. While officials with the NFL and the University of Phoenix Stadium have been preparing for Sunday’s game for months, most of those who call the greater Phoenix area home are probably only now starting to think about the impact that the event may have on their personal lives this weekend.

In addition to the normal traffic congestion that plagues the Phoenix area, extra traffic has descended on the Valley as tourists, athletes, and family members come to Arizona in anticipation of the game. This traffic is starting to combine with media outposts and restricted areas around the stadium and starting to make it difficult to travel, regardless of whether you intend to walk or drive. Before the Super Bowl begins, the personal injury lawyers at Abels & Annes, P.C. encourage you to think about your options if you will be a pedestrian and consider the following ideas and tips to limit the odds of a pedestrian accident from occurring:

Plan Ahead: Whether you live in Arizona or you are simply visiting for the game, think about your travel plans before you leave home. Plan where you want to park, if necessary, and where you will walk when approaching the stadium. You may wish to consider your plans after the game ends as well as traffic is expected to be congested and slow in Glendale for much of Sunday night.

Watch for Inattentive Motorists: Ideally, when a driver in the Phoenix area operates his or her vehicle, that driver’s attention would be focused entirely upon the road and on the changing traffic conditions ahead. In actuality, many motorists are distracted or otherwise inattentive to that which surrounds them and they are more likely to be involved in a collision as a result. Even if you have the right-of-way at a crossing or an intersection, be mindful that drivers may not look or see you if you are walking and be prepared for drivers to act dangerously. Take evasive action if needed to prevent yourself from becoming the next victim of a pedestrian accident in Phoenix.

Be Aware of Road and Lot Closures: If you have attended Arizona Cardinals games in the past and you feel confident about your ability to navigate the area surrounding the University of Phoenix Stadium, take note that the grandeur nature of the Super Bowl means the layout of several lots may be altered and that some road and lot closures may affect your ability to get to the stadium. For example, NFL officials have confirmed that 95th Avenue will be closed between the Red Lot and entry into the Orange Lot and that Maryland Avenue will be closed between Sunrise Boulevard and 95th Avenue.

Wear Reflective Clothing: The Super Bowl will end in the dark hours of Sunday night and thousands of pedestrians will attempt to leave the area simultaneous. While it is the duty of every driver to look for and notice pedestrians, some may find it difficult due to the darkness and others may be in too much of a rush to think safety. To increase your visibility at night, consider wearing bright, reflective colors that will catch passing light and will enable drivers to see you and your family as you walk in Glendale.

Stick to Designated Walking Areas: You may find yourself in a position to save time by jaywalking or crossing at an area other than a designated pedestrian pathway. Avoid this temptation as it significantly increases your risk of being involved in a pedestrian crash and may cause you injuries if an accident takes place.
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Pedestrian Killed in Chandler Hit-and-Run Accident

It is the job of local and state police officers to investigate traffic collisions and to determine whether mistakes were made in those accidents, leading to a conclusion of whether traffic citations should be issued. Some, if not many, accidents can present challenges as the drivers involved may be prone to present information in a light that favors their conduct as opposed to the truest light possible. Further, if a victim is hurt in a crash, that victim may not be able to recount fully the events that preceded the impact and may be unaware of what actually caused a crash.

Fortunately for those who are hurt in a Phoenix car accident, the laws of the state enable them to obtain legal counsel, like a personal injury lawyer, who will represent their interests and seek a financial settlement for their injuries. Often, these lawyers are skilled at sorting through the jumble of information that results from a collision and can determine the facts that matter for a victim’s civil case for relief. Monetary payments may be possible to help these victims obtain the healthcare they need or even to provide payment to surviving family members when a victim is killed, though no amount of compensation can ever be considered adequate in these situations.

Victims do not need to be in a car to have a valid claim for relief. Those who ride bicycles, walk, or travel by motorcycle may also have valid claims if they were injured in an accident and they may be able to obtain the payment they deserve by speaking with an attorney.

On Wednesday night, a 47-year-old female was walking along the road near the intersection of Dobson Road and Canyon Way in Chandler when an unidentified vehicle approached and collided with the woman, leaving her critically injured. Police believe that the victim may have been walking in a marked bicycle lane when the car struck her and that the driver of the vehicle, whose identify is not known, fled the scene without stopping to render aid or to call local authorities.

Police were alerted to the incident and responded to the scene shortly after the 9:30 p.m. collision. They found the victim with significant injuries and though medical officials attempted to render aid, the woman died as a result of the crash. Police have not released a description of the vehicle at this time but they believe that it may be a sedan and that the car may have sustained damage to its front bumper and windshield as well as damage on the passenger side. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Chandler Police Department on this incident to aid in the investigation which is ongoing at this time.
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Pedestrian Killed in Phoenix Car Accident

Whenever a collision occurs, it can have devastating consequences. One or more people involved may be seriously injured or may even lose their lives due to the crash, leaving loved ones to suffer as well as the victims themselves. Often, it does not seem fair when a driver or a motorist acts in a reckless manner and causes a collision that leaves others hurt. The charges brought by local police may seem minor and may seem unfair. But what many victims do not realize is that the charges, if any, issued by officers and prosecuting attorneys are designed to benefit the State of Arizona and not the victims themselves.

Instead, victims are entitled to seek relief but they must do so affirmatively by taking certain steps within the time limit allowed under the law. Working with a personal injury attorney in Phoenix may help you realize what options are available to you and whether you have a valid claim for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages, among other damages. In some cases, relief can be possible in multiple forms through multiple claims including against an at-fault driver, responsible motorists, or even your own insurance company.

Of all the various types of traffic accidents, those involving pedestrians have some of the direst results. That unfortunately held true on Sunday morning in Phoenix when a crash claimed the life of a woman walking near 12th Street and Northern Avenue. Few facts have been revealed about the crash at this time but officials confirm that a car in the area collided with woman, leaving her critically injured. An ambulance responded to the scene and took the woman to an area hospital but her injuries were too extreme and she died a short time later.
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Halloween Accident Injures 5 Pedestrians while Trick-or-Treating in Phoenix

One of the most dangerous nights of the year to be a pedestrian is on Halloween, especially once darkness falls. With a large number of children and adults walking in most neighborhoods as they trick-or-treat among houses, some people may believe that safety for these walkers is high due to an increased visibility of the pedestrians. Unfortunately, though, the presence of cars and other vehicles in the same area as these pedestrians means there is a high risk for a pedestrian accident to occur.

Pedestrians who are struck by vehicles are hurt in the majority of collisions because there is nothing to protect them from the metal of a car or the pavement if they strike the ground. In the worst cases, a walker may be killed in a crash even if that pedestrian did nothing wrong. When a collision occurs and someone is hurt in the Phoenix area, those victims may be forced to deal with the resulting injuries, but they do not have to do so without relief. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand your options, including whether you have a valid claim for your losses, if a pedestrian accident has affected your life.

A tragic collision occurred on Friday evening when a 75-year-old man struck 5 pedestrians who were trick-or-treating in Phoenix. Officials responded to the scene and spoke to the driver who allegedly said he did not see the pedestrians crossing the street in the area of 41st Avenue and Bethany Home Road. The collision involved a 25-year-old man, a 23-year-old woman, a 10-year-old girl, a 2-year-old boy, and a fifth victim whose age has not been disclosed. The four victims with disclosed ages were all left in critical condition following the impact.

One witness described seeing two children laying in the middle of the road and referred to it as very upsetting. Another described a mangled wheelchair left in the middle of the road, reportedly used by the 23-year-old female victim prior to the impact. Local police have not confirmed whether any traffic tickets will be issued or criminal charges brought in this instance but they have confirmed that their investigation into the incident is still ongoing at this time.
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