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Dog Bites a Leading Cause of Homeowner Insurance Claims

The ASPCA reports that approximately 37-47 percent of all American households have a dog and that between 70 and 80 million dogs are owned across the country. Dogs have been an integral part of human society for thousands of years and their popularity is only increasing, both in the nation and in the Phoenix area, so these numbers by the ASPCA will likely increase in coming years. Dogs provide companionship, entertainment, and security for many of the homes in the Valley of the Sun but they also pose a significant threat if they attack an adult or child.

When it comes to adopting or purchasing a dog, few potential owners consider the effect that the ownership may place on the safety of their friends and family who will visit them. Yet safety should be considered because on average, approximately 1,000 people seek emergency medical treatment every day due to injuries sustained by a dog bite or attack.
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About 4.5 Million People are Bitten by Dogs Every Year

“About 4.5 Million People are Bitten by Dogs Every Year” – David Slepkow, Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney

Dogs are so popular in America that it is hard to determine exactly how many of them live here in the country. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 70-80 million dogs live in our nation’s households, holding positions from security guards to trusted companions to family members. Dogs in America have jobs, help the disabled, work with police forces and the military, and even patrol our nation’s airports. Yet though it may be hard to make it through a week without encountering a dog of some type or size, there is not a ton of attention paid to the negative parts of dog ownership.

Residents in the Phoenix area should be aware of the risks that come with being near a dog, even if they do not own one personally. Simply occupying a space near a dog can put an Arizona resident at risk for a dog bite incident or a dog attack, potentially leading to serious harm.

Often, the victims of animal attacks have done nothing wrong and have not provoked an animal, leading them to wonder why they were harmed when their conduct was legal. While nothing can undo the harm caused by these incidents, those who are injured do have rights under state and local laws so that they can ensure they are protected. Many victims can bring a personal injury claim in or out of a court of law to provide them with payment for their injuries, whatever they may be. Often, payment is available to help with the cost of medical, surgical, and reconstructive bills as well as lost wages, pain and suffering, inconvenience, and the loss of a normal life. Some victims may sustain permanent scarring which can be compensated through a claim as well.

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Dog Bite Claims are More Expensive in Arizona Than Any Other High-Claim State

National estimates indicate that between 70 and 80 million dogs are kept as pets in households across the country, and many of those canines live right here in Arizona. Dogs can be a wonderful addition to many families and can provide anything from entertainment to security to a home but there are certain risks that come with owning a dog that are often overlooked.

Dog bites and animal attacks are a significant issue in Phoenix. It is the duty of anyone who owns a dog to ensure that the dog does not bite others or harm individuals in any manner, and failing to do so may make that owner liable for any injuries that result. Surprisingly, Americans are about twice as likely to be injured in a dog bite incident every year as they are to be hurt in a car accident yet little attention is paid to these attacks until one affects someone you love.

Now, new information from the Insurance Information Institute concludes that dog bite claims in Arizona are more expensive to resolve than those in any other state with a high number of claims.

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More than 4.5 Million Dog Bites Happen Each Year

For many Americans, their dogs are much more than their best friends – they are family. Current estimates indicate that between 37 and 47 percent of all households in the nation have a dog and that there are approximately 70 to 80 million dogs in the country. With so many dogs in so many households, canines are a part of the American life and culture for all, including those who choose not to own a dog. Dogs and the safety around them affect everyone in the Phoenix area because they live in our homes, in our neighbors’ homes, use our parks, and walk our sidewalks and streets.

While dogs add much joy to the lives of many, they can also be the cause of extreme injuries or even death if a dog bite attack takes place. Each year, roughly 4.5 million dog bites take place and roughly 800,000 of those are severe enough for a victim to seek medical attention. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one out of every five dog bites becomes infected. Add to that the fact that dogs may transmit rabies, capnocytophaga spp. bacteria, pasteurella bacteria, MRSA, and tetanus to their victims and it is clear that the public in Maricopa County should not only be alert for dog attacks but should also take appropriate steps to prevent them whenever possible.

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Children Attacked by Dog while Walking Home from School

Dogs are a staple of American life for many families and they hold a place of endearment for still others. With more than 75 million households in the country reporting one or more dogs, it is clear that dog ownership is widespread and that the number of dogs in the nation is quite high as a result. Many of these dogs will live their entire lives without displaying signs of aggression or without being involved in an incident of violence with a human; however, every year, dog bite and attack incidents happen in the greater Phoenix area and many of those involve animals that did not display any issues prior to the attack. These incidents often produce injuries that require medical treatment and may cause lasting damage if the attack leaves scarring on a victim. Even more tragically, people are killed every year in dog attack cases and some of those occur in Arizona. In 2011, for example, 32 people lost their lives across the country in dog bite incidents.

Regardless of the type or breed of dog involved, the laws in Phoenix remain clear: if a dog bites or attacks a person and that person is injured, he or she may be entitled to bring a legal claim for relief against the owner of the dog or other person responsible and the victim may be able to recover monetary compensation for any injuries that occur. When in doubt, speaking with a personal injury lawyer who practices in Maricopa County or in Arizona generally may be a good place to start to learn about the laws, how they apply if you have been injured, and whether you have a valid claim for your damages.
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2 Boys in Serious Condition after Dog Attack in Glendale

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that nearly twice as many people will be bitten by a dog in the United States this year as will those who will be hurt in a car accident. Despite the high risk for a dog bite injury, may people do not appreciate the risks posed by these animals or the harm that may result.

Often, a friendly interaction with a dog can turn violent in an instant and can leave a victim with bite-related injuries. These may need medical treatment and often will scar; there are additional risks for infection and the transmission of diseases when a dog is the attacker and it may take time before a victim fully understands his or her injuries. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Phoenix can help you understand your options and your rights if a dog bite has affected you or your loved one. In many cases, financial compensation may be possible.

Authorities in Glendale confirmed a dog attack case on Tuesday that involved two young boys and left both with serious injuries. At this time, officials believe that a family dog near the boys turned violent and bit both children who are age eight and age 13. The attack was serious enough to necessitate the removal of the 8-year-old boy by air ambulance to an area hospital where he is expected to survive but it is not clear what lasting effects may result. The 13-year-old boy was also in need of medical help but was taken by standard ambulance as opposed to air ambulance.

Reports indicate that the dog at issue was involved with multiple biting incidents previously and that he has been euthanized as a result of this most current incident. Officials have also stated that the 13-year-old who was attacked was not a member of the same household as the dog and instead was a neighbor. Adult owners of the dog may have been on the property at the time of the incident.
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