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Your Rights When a Mechanical Failure is to Blame for a Collision

The majority of collisions in the United States are caused by a human error on the part of one or more individuals involved. As a result, it is tempting for the public to blame every collision that takes place on the negligence of people, whether they are drivers, bicyclists, or even pedestrians, but the truth is that not every collision should be blamed like this. Rather, other factors can also lead to an impact that can cause anything from minor property damage to serious, lifelong injuries. In the worst instances, a crash is the cause of death for at least one person and will permanently alter the lives of all those who were involved.

One common cause of car accidents that tend to be overlooked is a mechanical failure of one of the vehicles that is involved in the collision. An average modern car has 50 to 100 tiny computers that control everything from steering to acceleration to brakes and with this technology comes the potential for technological failures. Even one incorrect line of code operating a critical feature of a car can lead to a collision that may injure those inside or those in another vehicle, often without any kind of warning.

What happens when a mechanical failure strikes? It depends on the totality of the situation. If a mechanical failure occurs while a car is parked and no one is inside, no harm may result. But if the same error happens while a vehicle is traveling 70 miles per hour with several people on board, a car accident may occur and may involve one or more vehicles. It short, like many things in life, it depends on what else is happening at the same time.

If you happen to be involved in a collision in the Phoenix area that is caused by a mechanical failure or another type of malfunction on the part of a vehicle, know that you may be protected by state and federal laws and you may be entitled to relief. in a typical case, a victim who is injured can bring a claim for his or her damages against those who caused the defect to occur, whether it is the automobile manufacturer who designed a faulty component, a company that was subcontracted to create a part but that failed to do so safely, or even an entity who provided service to your car that turned out to be improper. These claims can be incredibly complex to understand and to sort through so if you have questions, you may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer to understand your rights.

Most claims seek payment for the medical expenses that a victim incurred as well as any inconvenience done to her. Claims for pain and suffering, missed wages while off work, and the permanency of injuries are also common when the facts of a crash support them. And in the tragic case where someone is killed, relief can be sought by that victim’s surviving family members, though no amount of compensation can ever be considered adequate in those cases.



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