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Video Highlights Dangers of Cell Phone Use while Driving

As long as cell phones have been around, experts have cautioned that their use by motorists posed a threat to public safety on and around roadways. Eventually legislation was instituted in numerous states requiring drivers who use cell phones for telephone conversations to use them with a hands-free device; however, follow up studies revealed that hands-free devices do little to reduce the collision rate among cell phone users. Rather, the actual telephone conversation was believed to be the distracting aspect of cell phone use that led to collisions.

Later, the rise of text messaging meant that some drivers started taking their eyes off the road to send written messages to others. This proved to be even more dangerous and more deadly than talking while driving because it became impossible for a driver to keep his or her eyes on traffic conditions. With the arrival of smart phones, these issues only intensified as some began sending emails, surfing the internet, or even watching video while driving.

Any use of a cell phone by a driver is dangerous and can turn tragic if a crash results. However, as seen in the following video, the threat can be even greater if the driver of a high-occupancy vehicle, like a bus, chooses to look at a phone while behind the wheel.

This video shows a driver who looks at his cell phone for only a moment but is distracted long enough to get involved in a collision. The driver did not notice a stopped vehicle on the right side of the road, leading to a crash at what appears to be a high rate of speed. It is not clear whether anyone in either vehicle was injured in this accident but it is clear that the driver of the bus was not aware of the potential accident until after it occurred because his eyes were on his phone instead of watching the road.Incidents just like this one result in injuries to numerous people across the Valley of the Sun every year and many people in the Phoenix area are left to pick up the pieces following a crash. But without the proper knowledge, these victims may go uncompensated and may miss out on the relief that they deserve and that is protected by local and state laws.

Car accident victims in Phoenix may be able to bring a civil claim to recover for their losses including any physical injuries they sustained. These claims must be brought within a time period specified by the law, though, so victims may want to consult with an attorney to ensure that they will be able to seek the relief they deserve.

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