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Prescott Extreme DUI Driver Hits 4 Construction Vehicles, Injures 2

A 43-year-old female reportedly had a blood alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit in Arizona on Tuesday night when she got behind the wheel and drove through Prescott. As she neared the intersection of Whipple Street and Willow Creek Road, the woman reportedly lost control of her vehicle and started running into construction vehicles. He car came to a rest after four other vehicles were hit.

Local police report that the woman was driving a pickup truck and that she traveled over 1,700 feet after the initial impact before her vehicle finally came to rest. Unfortunately the construction site was active with approximately 35 workers on the scene. At least two workers were injured in the collision and were taken to Yavapai Regional Medical Center for treatment. Though the conditions and the nature of the injuries of the workers are not currently known, reports indicate that both were released from the hospital later on Tuesday.

The driver of the pickup truck did not explain the crash to local police and she was also taken to Yavapai Regional Medical Center for treatment. Shortly after, she was released to police custody where she was charged with multiple counts of driving under the influence of alcohol, felony endangerment, and aggravated assault. If convicted, the woman will face the possibility of a several year prison sentence. Police claim that the woman’s alcohol content as measured by her breath was nearly three times the legal limit; the police are currently awaiting confirmation of the level through blood and urine tests.

The serious nature of this incident cannot be overstated. Arizona law presumes a driver is under the influence when the driver’s blood alcohol content is 0.08 or greater. In the event a driver’s BAC is 0.15 or greater, the law classifies that as extreme driving under the influence. Repeated violations can even lead to a designation as aggravated driving under the influence and to the assertion of additional penalties or longer sentences.

Not only is driving under the influence a crime in Arizona but acting recklessly in a construction area with construction workers present is a separate and additional crime. This alone can result in a driver losing a license, facing a fine, or even incarceration. Construction workers are engaged in a dangerous but necessary field and the laws are sensitive to the needs to protect these individuals.



There is no reason for a driver to ever get behind the wheel after driving. Numerous alternatives are available, regardless of where you live in Arizona, including designating a sober driver, calling a friend for a ride, taking public transportation, using a taxi, or even walking to your destination. Yet drivers continue to place the lives of those around them at risk every day by driving under the influence and as a result, more than 250 people are killed in alcohol related accidents in Arizona every year.

If you have been hurt through the negligence of a drunk driver or if someone you love has been killed, you may have legal rights to a financial recovery against the driver. Call the Phoenix drunk driving injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. today and let us provide you with a free, no obligation consultation. At Abels & Annes, our attorneys are dedicated to the rights of victims and we are standing by now to take your call at (602) 819-5191. Let us help you understand your options and what recoveries may be available to you for your loss. Call us now.

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