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Popularity of Cycling is a Contributing Factor to Bicycle Accidents in Tempe

The Valley of the Sun is known around the country for its beautiful landscape. The mountain backdrop, thirty miles of paved bike paths, and hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails make the Phoenix area one of the country’s prime destinations for bicyclists.

In fact, Arizona State University, located in Tempe, is ranked as one of the country’s top twenty bicycle friendly universities. ASU reports that 15,000 students use bicycles as transportation to and from campus everyday. The University is also home to one of the largest cycling clubs that provides a forum for all types bicycle riders and hosts various cycling races for students. The club participates in cycling competitions around the nation.

Tempe itself is known as one of the most bike friendly cities in America, receiving a Gold-Level Bicycle-Friendly Community award in 2015. Tempe is home to 175 miles of bikeways and has worked hard over recent years to provide safe bike lanes throughout urban areas to promote bicycling as a form of transportation in the city.

Unlike most of the country, Phoenix’s warmer climate permits bicyclists to enjoy riding almost year round. While this is a good thing for cyclists and helps to encourage green transportation, this can lead to an increase in bicycle accidents. In 2015, alone there were almost 1,5000 cyclist collisions with motor vehicles. Thankfully over the past several years this number has continuously declined.

Given a bicyclist’s lack of protection, collisions with a motor vehicle can be incredibly dangerous. In 2015, almost 20 percent of bicycle crashes were fatal and resulted in 29 cyclists losing their life, and over 1,2000 cyclists were injured. It is important for both bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers to be aware of one another and take precaution when sharing the road.

Too often drivers become distracted and fail to pay attention to cyclists on the road causing serious accidents. It is important for cyclists to be aware of the protection the law affords them following these collisions. If a cyclist is injured by a negligent driver, that driver can be held liable for any and all injuries that result. Injured cyclists have a right to recover financial compensation from at-fault drivers to help alleviate the burden of medical expenses and property damage.

Unfortunately, one of the more common bicycle collisions are hit-and-run accidents. If a driver leaves the scene of an accident without providing his or her information or refuses to wait for authorities that driver can face felony prosecution if the bicyclist is injured and misdemeanor prosecution even if an injury does not occur. If you are a victim of a hit-and-run accident there are multiple avenues to help you recover and receive the financial compensation necessary to cover the expenses that result.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of bicycle accident it may be beneficial to talk with an experienced personal injury attorney to understand your rights. Call Abels & Annes, P.C. today at 602-819-5191 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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