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Low Visibility Can Lead to Truck Accidents

There are many issues that come into play when discussing truck traffic in the Arizona area, and chief among those issues are the safety concerns presented to other vehicles near a truck. When a standard passenger car and a semi-truck hauling a trailer are compared, the differences in size, weight, and force between the vehicles are stunning and enough to make any driver realize that there could be problems if the two vehicles collided.

Yet truck accidents happen every day and many of them involve smaller vehicles, making the threat of a crash a reality to thousands of people every year. The reasons behind a truck accident can be similar to those that cause collisions among cars but the results of a truck crash are usually more extreme, more likely to cause injuries, and more likely to cause death to those involved, making truck accidents a priority when it comes to understanding traffic issues and safety in Phoenix.

Following an accident, truck drivers often claim that they were unable to see a car near them, leading them to start, stop, or switch lanes and cause a crash. While this is a common excuse, it is not a valid one when it comes to assigning blame or legal liability for an accident. Instead, it is up to every truck driver on the road to verify that his or her intended actions will be safe prior to taking them, and failing to do so may be negligence.

Trucks have limited views when hauling trailers and it can make it more challenging to stay alert to any threats in the area. However, frequent use of exterior mirrors, monitoring changing traffic patterns, using turn signals, keeping a safe distance, and operating within the law are all ways that collisions can be prevented. Further, enlisting the help of technology to provide for backup cameras, rear and forward sensors, lane departure warnings, and blind spot warnings can all be helpful to a truck driver and can assist that operator in keeping track of her surroundings.

The bottom line is that limited visibility is no excuse for causing a Phoenix truck accident, and if a trucker is unable to operate a rig safely, that trucker should not be driving at all. If you were involved in a truck crash and you were hurt or if someone you loved was injured or killed, do not let a truck company make up excuses for their negligent behavior or your right to seek relief may be lost. Instead, make sure you are informed about your rights so that you can take whatever action is necessary to obtain the relief that you deserve for your injures.

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