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Father of Arizona Cardinal Killed in Car Crash on the Way to See Game

As the Arizona Cardinals prepared for their game Sunday, many fans prepared as well, some of them making the trek to New Orleans to watch the Saints host the Cardinals in what was expected to be a tough football game. The family of Cardinals nose tackle Dan Williams planned to make the trip as well from their home in Tennessee to Louisiana to watch their son and brother face the Saints but unfortunately they never got the chance.

The car carrying the father, mother, and sister of Williams crashed somewhere near Jackson, Mississippi at some point before the Sunday game. The exact day and time of the crash, as well as the precise location, are not known at this time but authorities have confirmed that the father of Dan Williams was killed in the accident. Williams’s mother and sister were taken to an area hospital for treatment of injuries but at this time, both are expected to survive and to recover from the crash.

Williams reportedly learned of his father’s death at some point before the Cardinals were scheduled to travel to New Orleans for Sunday’s game and he was excused from the trip due to his loss. He did not play on Sunday and it is not clear when he will return to practice.

Williams was a 2010 first round draft pick by the Cardinals and has had a lot of playing time since then. Fans are likely to recall an interception Williams made against Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams in early September, returning the interception for a touchdown.

Nationally, car accidents continue to claim thousands of lives every year. In 2011, more than 32,000 people were killed in automobile accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and of those killed, 754 died in Arizona. Car accidents affect motorists of all ages, genders, and those living in all states; anyone can be a car accident victim at any time. While it is important to follow all rules of the road while driving, the fact remains that if another driver engages in reckless conduct on the road, your safety as a motorists is threatened and you may be the victim of an accident.

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Father of Cardinals lineman Dan Williams dies in car accident on way to see son play, by Kevin Kaduk, Yahoo! Sports, published September 22, 2013.

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