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Cyclists Preparing for Tempe’s Tour de Fat

Arizona is a fantastic place to ride a bicycle. Whether you are into road racing, mountain biking, or something in between, the diverse landscape of our state can provide you with the trails you want to ride. As a result, thousands flock to Arizona to take advantage of our roadways, trails, paths, and other bike friendly areas regardless of the time of the year.

There are many reasons that Tempe is home to a large number of cyclists and riders. Among them, the presence of Arizona State University, the overall young age of an average resident, and the prime street biking and bike lanes are prominent benefits cited by local officials. A number of these riders are now anticipating Tour de Fat arriving in their town, a traveling festival dedicated to bicycling and all that goes with the lifestyle. With an eye towards promoting the benefits of cycling, Tour de Fat makes an appearance in multiple cities annually and will be arriving in Tempe over the first weekend in October.

The Tour de Fat is sponsored by New Belgium Brewing and it raises funds for several nonprofit organizations in each destination of the tour. When it comes to Tempe, the Tour will benefit the Tempe Bicycle Action Group, The Mountain Biking Association of Arizona, The Central Arizona Mountain Bike Patrol, and Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective. The fun begins at 10:00 a.m. on October 1, 2016 with a bike registration and events will continue all day until the 5:00 p.m. curfew time. Registration fees will be collected and donated to the nonprofits and cyclists are encouraged to make the day a family event.

So many cyclists already use the roads in Tempe that some non-riders question whether an event like Tour de Fat is necessary or even beneficial. In truth, few drivers in the Phoenix area understand the complex role they play in a cyclist’s safety unless they ride themselves, meaning that anything that brings additional attention to cyclists’ rights and responsibilities should be considered helpful.

Bicycle accidents involving automobiles continues to be one of the largest threats facing those who ride in our state. Often, a motorist fails to notice a bicycle rider until it is too late to avoid an impact, leading to a collision that results in injuries to the rider in more than 90 percent of cases. In others, a cyclists may fail to yield appropriately or may merge in a dangerous manner, causing a collision. The facts of any particular incident will vary and will determine who is to blame, if anyone. Determining blame can be important because under the laws that apply to cyclists in the Valley, injured victims of a Tempe bicycle accident may be able to recover for their financial damages through the use of a personal injury civil claim.

If you are interested in riding, consider educating yourself before you hit the roads. Make sure you realize your rights and responsibilities for public safety as you ride and do your best to promote a secure environment for riders and drivers alike. If you have no desire to ever ride a bicycle, know that those who do choose to ride are just as entitled to do so as you are entitled to drive. In fact, since cyclists do not need a license to ride, it is easier for them to get around than it is for drivers. Even if you do not ride, your duty is still present to respect the space around a cyclist and to proceed through Phoenix in a reasonable manner so that everyone can get around town in a manner of their choosing and without risking their lives.

If you have questions after a bicycle accident, you may find it helpful to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your rights and whether you are entitled to compensation for your losses.

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