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Fatal Mesa Motorcycle Crash Caused by Impairment

When riding a motorcycle, the risk of injury exists not only for the person operating the bike but also for any passengers on board. However few people realize that the threat of harm extends beyond those on a motorcycle and reaches those in passenger cars, those on bicycles, and even pedestrians who may be walking on or near a road or other driving surface.

Motorcycle accidents produce a high rate of injuries when they occur in Phoenix and the fallout from those collisions can last for years. From the immediate injuries that result to the need for medical and rehabilitative care, the financial toll enacted by a collision can accumulate quickly and can leave a victim in need of help. But injuries cause other damages as well and those who are hurt may be unable to care for their families as they normally do, may be forced to miss time from work, and may endure pain, suffering, and permanency of injuries that affect their lives indefinitely. For these reasons and in recognition of the suffering that many victims experience, state laws are available to help those who are hurt by providing them with the right to seek payment for their damages. Speaking with a personal injury attorney can clarify what rights may exist if you have been involved in a motorcycle crash in the Valley.
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Police Chase Ends with Serious Motorcycle Crash

High speed chases initiated by law enforcement officials have been controversial for decades in the Phoenix area and across the country. On one hand, there is the need for police officers to enforce the law and to prevent offenders from escaping and further threatening the safety of others. On the other hand, high speed chases have proven to have disastrous and often fatal results and, in many cases, those that are injured are bystanders who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to PursuitSAFETY, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the road conditions for innocent motorists and police officers, one person is killed every day in America due to a police pursuit. Of those that lose their lives, one-third are innocent bystanders and a police officer is killed in a chase every six weeks. On average, one out of every 100 police chases results in a fatality. These numbers are sobering and they do not begin to touch on the non-fatal injuries that may be caused both to suspects and to innocent drivers and passengers when a police chase occurs. Due in part to the threat they pose to others, many police stations have instituted protocols to reduce the number of chases in which they engage and to stop pursuing fleeing vehicles in some high-risk situations.
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Fatal Motorcycle Crash Caused by Hit-and-Run Driver

When the rights of motorcyclists are equal to those of the drivers of cars, it would make sense that each group of travelers would be involved in a comparable number of collisions. However, in Phoenix and across Arizona, motorcycle riders disproportionately face the threat of accidents and, as a result, injuries that may occur. In a typical year, nearly 3,000 motorcycle accidents are reported in Arizona and the large majority of those result in injuries to the biker or bikers involved. Some also cause others, like those in cars, pedestrians in the area, or bicyclists, to sustain injuries or to lose their lives. Though the particulars may vary among different collisions, the results too often are the same: devastation to those who are involved and pain and suffering to the friends and family members of the victims.

Arizona law is designed to protect and benefit those who are hurt in motorcycle accidents across the state by allowing them to seek relief against anyone who caused them harm. By bringing a civil claim for damages, victims can obtain payment to place them in the position they would have been had they not been hurt as well as providing relief for non-monetary injuries like pain and suffering. These claims can be complicated and must be brought in accordance will all state and local laws so if you have been injured, you may want to speak with a personal injury attorney to learn about your options and your legal rights.

On Saturday, police in Peoria were informed of a collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle that left the biker critically injured. When they arrived at the scene near 75th Avenue and Thunderbird Road, they found the motorcyclist and ensured that he was taken to an area hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the 60-year-old biker’s injuries were too severe and he died later on Saturday evening as a result of the crash.

The car that was involved in the accident reportedly was not at the scene when police arrived and neither was that vehicle’s driver. However, police were able to follow evidence left at the scene to the suspected car and its operator a short distance away. That driver was arrested and has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in injuries; additional charges may be levied upon the completion of an investigation by local authorities.
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Single Motorcycle Accident in Gilbert Kills 2

Motorcycle season in Phoenix often depends on the weather. Some riders will take to the roads no matter what – heat, cold, wind, or rain will not stop them. But the largest biker presence is often noticed in times when the weather is more consistent. This time of year, drivers in the Valley of the Sun are likely to see bikers on a regular basis as they travel across the desert. It is the right of the bikers to ride just as it is the right of drivers to drive but too often, the rights of motorcyclists are ignored or discounted by others.

The laws in Arizona make it clear that all drivers must respect the rights and safety of others, including motorcyclists. Failing to do so may make a driver liable for a civil infraction, traffic ticket, or even a criminal offense that can lead to punishment ranging from fines and fees to incarceration. Few drivers consider the ramifications of what will happen if they are found to be at-fault for a collision beyond these possibilities though. In Phoenix, an at-fault driver may also be held financially liable to any injured victims for the damages that driver inflicts. In practical terms, this may mean the driver will be forced to pay for things like medical expenses, rehabilitative care, lost wages, and pain and suffering experienced by his or her victims, regardless of how large these damages may be. Victims who wish to learn about their legal options may do so by speaking with a personal injury attorney in Phoenix.

Police in Gilbert are still sorting through the facts surrounding a fatal motorcycle accident that happened on Saturday around 9:00 p.m. One motorcycle was involved in an accident for reasons that are not yet clear. The accident left the driver, a 41-year-old man, dead and his passenger, a 41-year-old woman, with critical injuries.

Medical personnel transported the woman to an area hospital where doctors attempted to save her, but unfortunately, the woman’s injuries were too severe and she died as a result of the crash.
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Crash between Motorcycle and Truck Injures at least 1

Do you live in Phoenix or elsewhere in the Valley of the Sun? If you do, odds are good that you see motorcyclists on the road on a regular or even daily basis. In Arizona, motorcycles are legally authorized to ride in city streets and on state highways just like any other vehicle, and these bikes and their riders are protected with the same rights as other drivers. But too often, drivers fail to notice or recognize bikers as they ride, leading to actions that may place multiple vehicles in the same area at the same time.

When a motorcycle collision occurs, the riders on a bike are more likely to be injured than others in a vehicle, like a car. The force of a crash may disproportionately harm riders and leave them in need of medical treatment. This treatment can be expensive and can be coupled with other damages like lost wages, meaning that a victim may suffer long after the dust settles. While nothing can erase injuries once they occur, a civil claim for damages may enable these victims to obtain financial relief for their losses. Consulting with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer may help you learn about your options if you have been injured or if your loved one has been hurt or killed.

A collision occurred on Sunday morning near the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Bell Road in Phoenix and at least one person was seriously injured. Local police confirmed that a truck and a motorcyclist collided but the cause of the crash is not yet clear. Officials responded to the scene and took the biker to an area hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. He was listed in serious condition and it is not known what kind of outcome the rider is facing at this time. It is also unclear whether the driver of the truck was injured in the accident.

Police are still in the process of investigating the incident and determining whether either motorist involved erred or acted negligently prior to the impact. The outcome of the investigation may determine whether anyone will face charges in this incident or whether any tickets will be issued.
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Motorcyclist Injured after 3 Vehicle Crash on Loop 202

If you ride a motorcycle in Arizona, you are probably used to exercising a little more caution than other drivers. You may hesitate a moment longer before proceeding when a traffic light turns green or you may wait to make sure that opposing traffic comes to a stop before proceeding at a four way intersection.

No matter what steps you take, though, motorcyclists are still at a risk for being involved in a collision in the Phoenix area. Motorcycle accidents often cause personal injuries to those involved and the damages tend to be greater to motorcyclists than to drivers of automobiles because bikes offer little to no protection to their riders.

Victims of collisions may not know their legal options or where to turn for help, but if your accident occurred in Arizona, you should know that relief may be possible. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand the implications of your crash, whether a responsible driver can be held liable, and whether any other types of relief exist. As these claims turn on the specific facts of a collision, a skilled lawyer with experience representing motorcycle victims is the best person to speak with to learn about your rights.

On Saturday evening, three vehicles collided and left at least one person in serious condition. Local police responded to the crash and determined that the incident began when one vehicle attempted to avoid a second stopped car on the Loop 202 eastbound near 52nd Street. The swerving vehicle struck another car and a motorcycle in the area, causing all three vehicles to crash.

The operator of the motorcycle was seriously injured in the crash and was taken by ambulance to an area hospital with undisclosed injuries. A passenger on the bike was also hurt but was believed to have sustained minor injuries only and is expected to make a full recovery. It did not appear that anyone in the two cars involved was hurt in the accident but authorities were still investigating.

At this time, it appears that the stopped vehicle that led to the initial swerve had stopped because it ran out of gas but authorities have not confirmed whether the vehicle stopped in a lane of traffic on the Loop 202 or whether that vehicle pulled over onto the shoulder.
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Motorcyclist Killed in Arizona Crash with Pickup Truck

The number of motorcycle accidents across the country has been increasing over the last decade or so, with a greater number of people injured and killed in these collisions than were prior to the year 2000. Some of this increase can be attributed to the greater number of riders in the nation, of which Phoenix is no exception. With the population booming and increasing annually, a larger number of motorcycles take to the road every year, leading to greater bike traffic and the potential for a large number of bike accidents.

But an increase in motorcycle traffic does not explain away a crash when one occurs. Rather, it is the duty of every driver, whether that driver is in a car or on a motorcycle, to exercise due care and caution for others in the area and to avoid a collision whenever possible. Failure to do this may be negligence and may cause an accident to take place. In Arizona, most motorcycle incidents are due to negligence or recklessness on the part of one or more individuals involved, meaning that a mistake, failing to pay attention, or other lapse in judgment can be blamed when a crash occurs. Following these incidents, it is often possible for an injury victim to obtain financial compensation for his or her losses, including any medical expenses incurred. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand your rights if you have been involved in a crash or if your loved one was hurt or killed.

Another Phoenix-area motorcycle accident occurred on Friday morning near the intersection of Black Canyon Highway just west of I-17. Two vehicles, one a pickup truck and the other a motorcycle, collided for reasons that have not been revealed at this time, leading to a significant impact that claimed the biker’s life. Reports indicate that the driver of the pickup truck was uninjured following the incident.

Local police officers responded to the scene shortly after 2:30 a.m. and closed the area to traffic as they began their investigation and report. Though their review is ongoing, officials were able to reopen the area to through traffic around 9:00 a.m. Friday; prior to that, all traffic was diverted onto alternate routes.

Police have not revealed a suspected cause in this crash nor have they confirmed whether or not traffic tickets will be issued but they have stated that they are reviewing all angles of this incident in an effort to uncover the factors that led to the collision.
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Crash between Motorcycle and Semi Leaves 1 Dead

You may be one of the thousands of Phoenix-area residents that own, use, or ride a motorcycle on occasion. Whether it is the freedom of the ride or the convenience of a bike that propels you, bikers are among good company in the Valley as they take to the roads. With a culture that focuses on bikers including rallies, organized rides, and biker bars, Phoenix can be a haven for motorcyclists.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents continue to occur every year in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Chandler and often are the fault of another driver. Failing to look for or notice bikers, failing to yield the right-of-way, or failing to provide a safe distance when passing a motorcycle are some of the common reasons these collisions occur. After an accident, a biker often experiences the majority of the damage, including the physical toll enacted by an impact and the injuries that result. While the law cannot erase these damages, there are protections in Arizona for those victims of motorcycle collisions that may entitle them to relief. It is up to a victim to seek this potential relief and these claims must be brought within a period specified by law, so if you have been hurt, it is a good idea to speak with a personal injury lawyer to learn about your options.

A collision on Monday left at least one person dead, according to officials in Arizona. A crash took place between a motorcycle and a semi-tractor west of Gila Bend on Interstate 8 in the westbound lanes and led to the closure of the Interstate for several hours while authorities responded. Police and emergency medical crews were on the scene evaluating the victims involved and determining whether additional help was necessary. Unfortunately, one person involved was killed in the accident but it is not clear at this time whether that person was on the motorcycle or in the tractor-trailer.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing at this time and there has been no information released regarding the suspected cause of the incident or whether negligence may have played a role. It is also unknown whether any motorist involved will receive a citation due to this incident.
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Turning SUV Involved in Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Fall temperatures have finally arrived in Phoenix and across the Valley of the Sun, meaning that motorists have a reprieve from the triple-digit temperatures that plague so much of the summer months. Now that the weather has cooled, motorists in the area are likely to notice an increase in the number of motorcycles and motorcyclists on the roads as they travel through Phoenix.

Traveling by motorcycle can be a great way to get around Phoenix’s wide and sprawling streets, but it can also pose a threat to the safety of those who ride. While it is legal for motorcycles to take to the roads and highways, drivers in passenger cars and trucks do not always respect those rights. Failing to look for or notice a motorcycle may place a car and a bike in the same place at the same time, leading to a motorcycle accident that may cause injuries.

The laws in Arizona as they apply to motorcycle crashes can be complicated and can make it difficult for a victim to understand whether he or she has a valid claim for damages. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand your legal options, including whether you may be entitled to payment for medical bills, surgical expenses, rehabilitative care, and other losses like missed wages or pain and suffering, if your have been involved in a motorcycle collisions or if your loved one has been injured or killed.

Shortly after 6:00 a.m. on Monday, a collision between a motorcycle and an SUV occurred in Scottsdale, claiming the life of the motorcyclist. Police have reported that the biker was traveling straight in the area of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Miller when the rider, a 28-year-old man, came upon an SUV. The SUV reportedly was attempting to turn left from lanes of traffic into a private driveway and turned in front of the motorcyclist, causing the biker to strike the side of the SUV.

The impact was significant and caused the biker to travel a reported 600 feet before coming to a rest. Emergency medical crews responded to the scene and assessed the 28-year-old man but his injuries were too severe and he was pronounced dead at the scene. It is not clear whether the driver of the SUV was injured at this time or whether any traffic tickets will be issued but police have reported that their investigation is ongoing at this time.
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Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Kills Driver

Motorcyclist in Phoenix and across the Valley face constant threats while riding, some from other drivers, some from other motorcyclists, some from the road themselves, and possibly some from a motorcycle itself. When a motorcycle accident occurs, it is common for a Phoenix-area driver to claim that they did not see the motorcycle or did not notice it prior to impact due to the bike’s small size, poor visibility, or distraction. Other common excuses are that a driver was attempting to pass a motorcycle because that driver was in a hurry, but the driver passed when it was not safe to do so.

Thousands of excuses are given every year in an attempt to explain the conduct of an at-fault driver when a motorcycle accident occurs in Arizona. But they are rarely valid as it is every driver’s duty and responsibility to operate a vehicle, whether it is a truck, car, van, or motorcycle, in a safe and reasonable manner. Failing to do so may cause a collision and may lead to significant consequences for the driver responsible.

Local authorities, including police officers and prosecutors, can issue traffic tickets, citations, or bring criminal charges against a driver who causes a crash. In addition, the victims of those accidents may be able to seek personal relief that is separate and distinct from any action brought by the State of Arizona or a local municipality. Victims have the right to seek compensation for their damages, including the medical expenses they incur, when they are hurt by the actions of another. Consulting with a lawyer who handles personal injury actions may help you understand whether you have a valid claim if you have been involved in a crash.

Unfortunately, a motorcycle accident in Phoenix turned tragic yesterday when the biker involved lost his life. According to local officials, a 51-year-old man was riding his motorcycle on Grand Avenue when he lost control of the bike and collided with a curb. That initial impact caused a second impact between the motorcycle and a post supporting a guard rail in the area.

The crash was strong enough to throw the man off of his bike and to the ground where he remained until emergency authorities responded. He was evaluated and transported to an area hospital but the extent of his injuries were too severe and he died shortly thereafter. Police also responded to the scene of the collision and began an investigation into the crash. At this time, their investigation is ongoing and they are trying to determine why the man lost control of his bike and whether any outside factors played a role.
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