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Avoiding Car Accidents on the Loop 202

It is critically important for those in the Valley to move about the public roadways in a safe and efficient manner. Traffic in and around Phoenix can be brutal at times and even a small backup can have major consequences. The State of Arizona has taken numerous steps to address these issues in recent years and the creation of the Loop 202 was an important move towards better traffic flow.

Presently, the Loop 202 helps to connect potions of the Valley from I-10 in the west to the west of Apache Junction in the east. Various portions of the Loop 202 are known as the Red Mountain Freeway, Santan Freeway, and South Mountain Freeway but all sections provide the same goal: moving heavy amounts of traffic in and around the Phoenix metro area.

With the introduction of a large load of traffic has unfortunately come a significant number of car accidents both on and near the Loop 202. This leads to an often asked question that is not well answered among drivers: what can motorists do to ensure their personal safety?

First, know that your own conduct will have a great deal to do with your safety. If you drive on the Loop 202, simply taking some basic defensive actions can mean the difference between arriving at your destination safely and being involved in a collision.

Speed is believed to be a factor in approximately 50 percent of all traffic-related crashes in Arizona. Motorists who drive too fast for conditions do not have enough time to react properly to changing traffic conditions, leaving them with too little time to slow and/or stop if necessary. This means that speeding motorists are more likely to cause rear-end car accidents as well as collisions caused by improper lane changes. When traffic is heavy, resist the urge to drive fast and remember that your own safety is on the line. Instead, slow down a little and try to be patient as rushing is unlikely to help you arrive faster in the end. Rather, if you speed, you will increase your risk of a crash without providing yourself much benefit.

Further, making sure your vehicle is in proper working condition can have a substantial effect on your safety. Cars that need new brakes, vehicles that operate on worn tires, and those with faulty or failing mechanics are all more likely to leave a driver in a risky situation. Instead, get your car serviced regularly and check things like tire pressure, coolant level, and your oil on your own. Even something small like ensuring you have enough gas to reach your goal can help prevent you from being stranded on the side of the road, decreasing your odds of a car accident.

Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs as doing so is both illegal and incredibly dangerous. When you act in a reckless manner by driving impaired, you threaten your own wellbeing as well as the safety of those in your car and those in other vehicles.

No matter what actions you take, you can still be involved in a crash if another driver is negligent near you. If that happens, know that Arizona law may entitle you to seek relief for your injuries through a civil claim for damages. By working with a personal injury lawyer, you can learn whether you are entitled to monetary compensation for things like your medical expenses, and if so, who may be liable for your harm.

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