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Blown Tire Suspected Cause of Arizona Rollover Accident

Tires tend to be an overlooked portion of a car or a truck, just parts of the vehicle that motorists assume is safe but that do not get checked often for issues. However unlike many other features of a car – like a stereo or air conditioning – the tires are vital to the overall safety of a vehicle and even a small fluctuation in one tire can present a serious problem.

Tire blowouts can lead to car accidents that can be very frightening and far too often can turn deadly. Experts categories these incidents into two large categories: those caused or influenced by an action of the driver and those caused by the tire itself. In the first incident, failing to maintain proper tire pressure or failing to replace worn tires with regularity can weaken the integrity of a tire and can make it more prone to blowing. In the latter, defects in design or manufacture can leave a tire with a weakened point that may be unable to withstand normal use, leading to a blowout. It can be difficult to know which type of collision you were involved in if a tire blowout happened to you and often it requires an expert to recreate the conditions to fully understand what led to the crash.

If you were a driver or a passenger who was injured in a car accident in Phoenix, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your damages, including your injuries and your medical expenses. These claims may be possible against an automobile insurance company, an individual driver, a manufacturer of a car or car part, a corporation, or even a city or state. Speaking with a personal injury attorney is a good starting point to learn about which options may be available to you if you have been injured and you need relief.

Unfortunately, authorities have confirmed that two people lost their lives and that seven other were injured in a serious rollover car accident that likely was caused by a blown tire. The crash happened on Sunday and impacted both directions of traffic on I-10 near State Route 51. Police believe that an SUV was traveling eastbound at approximately 3:00 p.m. when a rear tire on the vehicle blew, causing the driver to lose control and cross the median, during which time the SUV rolled. The vehicle came to a rest in the lanes designated for westbound traffic.

Nine people were inside the vehicle at the time of the crash and five of them were ejected. A man and a woman both lost their lives in the accident and the remaining seven individuals all suffered injuries. At least three of those who were hurt were minor children.

Police are still conducting an investigation into the incident in an attempt to determine what led to the tire failure and whether any other factors contributed to the crash.



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