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ATVs Recalled after 160 Reported Fires

One of the best things about Arizona is the wide variety of its landscape from east to west and north to south. Depending on what you like to do, you can find a place in the state to enjoy it – whether you like to swim, boat, ride a bicycle, go hiking, or even go for a run.

Many in Phoenix like to go to more desolate areas of Maricopa County or neighboring counties to enjoy the outdoors while riding on all-terrain vehicles. These ATVs can be a great way for friends to spend some time enjoying the scenery and getting a few thrills at the same time. But few people realize how quickly an ATV ride can turn from fun to a nightmare.

Now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of more than 133,000 Polaris RZR 900 and RZR 1000 ATVs with model years from 2013 through 2016. The recall is in response to 160 reported fires that have involved those ATVs, several of which have caused injuries and one which claimed the life of a 15-year old passenger.

Individuals who own the affected ATVs are being encouraged to contact their local Polaris dealers to learn about the recall procedures which will include a corrective fix to limit the incidents of fires associated with the vehicles. The fixes are being provided free-of-cost to consumers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that more than 100,000 injuries and 700 deaths occur every year in the United States in ATV accidents. Many of these incidents affect children and young adults who are less able to handle ATVs and more likely to crash as a result.

If you are an adult who rides an ATV, make sure you always wear a safety-approved helmet and other safety gear. It is a good idea to take a course designed specifically for ATV safety and riding skills taught by a certified instructor, even if you have been riding for years.

If you are a minor or if you have young children who may ride, make sure you use an appropriate ATV based on the child’s age and skill set. Officials do not recommend children under the age of 16 on adult ATVs at any time as they are more difficult to maneuver and control than ATVs designed for kids. Further, those ATVs designed for minors are required to travel at reduced speeds, reducing the risks that the ATV will get out of the child’s control or that the child will be involved in a speed-related crash. Kids should always wear safety gear and should be supervised at all times by an experienced adult rider when they are on an ATV.

It is also important to understand that ATVs are designed to drive off-road only and are not designed to drive on pavement, with some limited exceptions. Operating an ATV on pavement can make controlling the vehicle more difficult in the event that a sudden maneuver is needed to avoid a hazard, like a car or a pedestrian. For the safety of everyone who will be near an ATV, make sure you understand the conditions your ATV is designed to be used on and avoid those that will make the ATV less safe than it can be.

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