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Greatest Number of Collisions Happening at Glendale Intersection

Maricopa County is now home to more than four million people. Back in 1970, the population was right around one million people which helps to bolster the commonly understood belief that the population in the Valley has exploded recently, bringing many to our cities, our business, and our schools. With this population growth has come a large increase in the number of motorists that drive on the streets in and around Phoenix, and unfortunately, with more traffic has come more car accidents.

But when it comes to crashes, not all intersections are created equal. In fact, some intersections have been found to be much more troublesome than others as the number of accidents that happen annually are large in certain spots around town. Based on 2013 data, it is bad news for residents of Glendale as an intersection in that portion of the Valley had more collisions than any other intersection.

Olive Avenue and 59th Avenue meet at a busy and often congested part of town. There are fast food restaurants nearby and Glendale Community College occupies some of the area which leads to countless cars traveling through the intersection daily. As a result, 68 collisions happened there in 2013 and 30 injuries resulted.

Other accident-prone intersections included 83rd Avenue and Bell Road, 59th Avenue and Bell Road, 67th Avenue and McDowell Road, 59th Avenue and Thomas Road, 59th Avenue and Northern Avenue, 75th Avenue and Indian School Road, 67th Avenue and Indian School Road, Price Road and Chandler Boulevard, and 27th Avenue and Camelback Road.

All of these intersections have some common features, and among them a high level of traffic during extended periods of time. It is also important to note that the location of these 10 intersections with high levels of accidents are in a relatively restricted portion of the Valley, though experts are not sure why that is.

To combat problem intersections, officials recommend studying the relevant traffic flows in the area and making changes where appropriate. Some may need the length or cycle of traffic lights adjusted while others may benefit from increased visibility in the area. In some instances, the problems related to transit may happen when different types of traffic cross the same path, including when cars and bicycles are forced to share the same space. The addition of bicycle lanes, the creation or altered placement of pedestrian crosswalks, and other accessibility decisions may help improve safety.

For now, drivers should be aware of the increased risks for collisions at these points and should exercise extreme caution as a result. If you are driving, carefully watch for other motorists to make a mistake and be prepared to stop if necessary. Also, decrease your speed before entering an intersection so that you have greater control of your car if needed and so that you have more time to make critical decisions. Make sure you stop for yellow and red lights, yield the right-of-way, and do not drive while distracted.

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